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This is shweta here a true chennaiite,With a passion for enterprise, which runs in the blood thanks to my Marwadi lineage, I am now inspired to write my own blog.

Most of the women blogs I come across, focus on losing weight and counting the number of days it will take to do the same. With these perfect meal plans, hrs at the gym, yoga, cardio,strength training et al.

But after a few months of some inspired perspiration, some of us stop exercising. And sadly also gain what we lost. I don’t deny the benefits to exercise, but I think the focus should be to stay healthy and not just to become a “Size Zero”.

So this blog is for those of us, who don’t need to wait to lose those horrible 5 kg, in order to look good. And more importantly, feel good about oneself.

The goal here is to carry yourself more stylishly, glamorously, gracefully, elegantly, beautifully, fashionably and fabulously, no matter what “Size, shape, weight” you are.

I will be sharing my personal styles for special occasions, western, Indian, Club-wear and more, focusing on body type and also keeping our Indian surroundings in mind.


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Personal Shopper / personal stylist.

I also have my own start up, AMALTAS where I support homepreneurs who own micro and mini business to exhibit at my exhibitions.with. (


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