HI GUYS!!!!!!!
After a hectic long week of my work and handling events, all I wanted to do is relax and rejuvenate. In today’s busy lifestyles, especially for working women who multitask and manage so many things, it becomes difficult to find some ‘me’ time to pamper. So I decided to seek salon services from the comforts of my home and pamper myself. After all, we all love to take care of ourselves to look good and feel good.
Hence I came across AVOCADO CARE, a one stop solution for all your beauty services and special skin and hair treatments at your home and at your convenience. They provide innovative and exclusive services and use only branded and imported products. Also their salonists are accompanied by a dermatologist to Analise your skin and then suggest a treatment. 

I settle down for their facial and a pedicure service. Based on the doctor’s recommendation, I was suggested eternal anti-aging facial which increases the collagen and elasticity in the skin to prevent and improve wrinkles and fine lines. All products used by them are treatment based facials which will give solution to skin problems, unlike parlour where they just give gold diamond pearl facial but not treat the skin. They begin the treatment by giving a harmony session to relax the body and soul. And at the end of the treatment, they give lymphatic drainage massage to get glowing skin.
The products that they used were so good that it left my skin soft; my face had a healthier glow and my skin looked brighter. AVOCADO CARE use products with natural essential oil of the fruit which leaves your skin glowing for days. 

Pedicure left my feet soft and moisturised with the products they used. The staff is in no hurry to wrap up the service, paying special attention to areas that need some extra pampering (like my heels). I felt my feet so clean and neat which left me so happy. They say a happy and clean foot reflects a happier you.
Most of us are prone to sunlight, dust and pollution, working long hour on computers also gives out UV rays. I’m a plus size myself and for those who are bulky tend to have water retention. For which facials massages are a must. Also those who are above 40 years nearing to menopause also require such treatments. Every age we look different but with little care we can still have that glow. The pleasure is real luxury at home with AVOCADO CARE’s good products, cleanliness and hygiene benefits. I will definitely suggest you all to try AVOCADO CARE to nourish your body, skin and hair. 

How to avail this service??
1) Simply call them fix an appointment and you can avail the services by them at home.
2) Download the app on your mobile.

Relax,Refresh & Renew