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In this blog, I will be talking about Home and Soft Furnishings. Our Home Decor reflects our personality as they rightly say beautiful minds make beautiful homes. So to add that personal touch we need to think seriously about Soft Furnishings.Soft furnishings include a large variety of products such as Curtains, Cushions & Carpets.The first thing to look at when you are investing in the fabric. The right Sofa-upholstery, Table Linen-Mats or Runners can add new energy to your home.

ELAN is one of a few outlets in the luxury segment for soft furnishings. They are striving great heights for 12 years. They specialize in creating coordinates according to the interiors.Conscious home is here to sustain in the future which helps the environment also. Elan has introduced new tie & dye cotton bed linens and matching cushions. Soft furnishing in my house is also from Elan, All the fabrics are mostly natural. It happens so that whenever there is a new visitor to my house they always compliment the beautiful cushions.The most beautiful desired homes can be created with soft furnishings. With a slight change in the furnishings, one can decorate beautiful homes every season.