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In today’s article, I am going to write about being “Glamorous” in a Plus Size. One important rule to be followed while styling clothes for a plus size is to keep on trying clothes. Till you find the perfect fitted dress. Most plus size ladies are square shaped only. Always look for colours that will make u look slimmer and taller, like black, midnight blue, wine to name a few. 

Style steps for a perfect glamorous look.
1) Starting with the Hair: .The hair must be layered if you have a round face. Please leave your hair open and not a tie up, as the layers will help frame your face and cover it from the sides.
2) Try out Makeup contouring to make your face look slimmer.
I have worn, Smokey eyes,and a plum shade lipstick here (Lakme WM 110).
3)Shoes and bag have become essential part of the look. But,again you must be comfy and it should go well with the attire.I suggest wedges and block heels.
4)Neckline should be broad, empire neck,sweetheart or even a round neck. When you show more skin near the neck it will draw attention from the chest and focus on your neckline .
5) Accessorise with grand neck pieces as Plus size women rock bigger accessories. Whereas, small sized accessories make you look big in comparison.
6) Layering : I have used a boa, which is giving me a slimmer and taller look. It is also creating a drama around the glamour.

Stay stylish and feel fabulous.

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