HI GUYS!!!!!!!!
Dressing up and shopping are the biggest challenges for a plus size . Somehow I manage to almost get there -thanks to my body type. I wear the same size for the top and bottom. Each one has a different body type it is very important to understand your body type before styling .For those who have a bigger bottom I suggest them to wear one size big at the bottom and for those who are heavy at the top I suggest them to wear one size bigger at the top. In this blog Iam sharing a smocking off shoulder printed long dress. I have something for prints that are same and all over the dress. It’s in this cotton fabric from M&S store in Express Avenue Mall Chennai.It can be styled for a beach look OR to lunch with friends. 

We all know that Chennai has a humid weather can only wear a few fabrics to feel comfy all day long.This look will go well at work too with a basic t-shirt (black or white) from M&S. I like wearing shrugs so for this look I wore a georgette shrug from 109f at a lunch.

Feel good inside that will show on the outside.

Lots of love