Hi Guys,

A Linen dress-is a perfect outfit to make a effective first impression! Whether it is for an interview, evening tea party with friends or for some soulful me time.A neutral look from this natural fabric can be your pick for the upcoming spring summer collection in your wardrobe. 

I went to AUROVILLE for the long weekend. AUROVILLE in its simplicity, is a haven for a refreshing break. I came across Matri Mandir, which is in the middle of the town and is a place to do meditation. The visitor centre has a sell out for handcrafted Accessories, Clothes, Soap, Candles, Organic products, Home baked breads and many more . I shopped for this beautiful linen hand painted dress from TO BE TWO. I styled it for a evening tea party. 

Hope you guys like it pls do let me know if you have any queries. Until next time stay naturally stylish.